Zorin os 16 core don’t boot with USB - Error: Failed To Open EFI/BOOT

Hi, I'm new to the Forum

I'm trying to install Zorin 16 Os on my PC but I get error

Do you know how to fix it? Thank you

Booting in insecure mode
Failed to open EFi/BOOT/ Invalid Parameter
Failed to load image EFI/BOOT/ Invalid Parameter
Star_image returned invalid parameter

Hey, welcome to Zorin :slight_smile:

Check this

And try to redownload iso
Check sha256 before making bootable usb

Also disable secure boot in bios

Also make sure to create an installer using Etcher.
This seems to be the only way to install Zorin 16 - I discovered it after a half day of toiling.

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Same..I tried first with Rufus, than "dd", than twice with Etcher.

I thought that pro version doesn't like my laptop..but finally after 3 h of trying , succeeded :slight_smile:

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It is already disabled and still comes out error

What is the sha256 for the iso ?

I use this tool and it still shows me error.

The sha256sum for the new Core iso is:

@fejabame check this please

Hey commorade!
I was on the same boat :sailboat:
I seriously started to have a doubt about my capability in Linux after failing no less than 6 attempts before I discovered this Etcher trick.

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What about CSM?
Sometime it helps to make it EFI only mode by disabling CSM (mine is disabled).

It didn't work. I already did and it didn't work :cry:

Can you please check SHA256 for your Zorin 16 core iso ?

Are you replying to my question about CSM?
It is also important to disable fastboot in BIOS.

Just to add a comment to this.
The command you need to run is:
sha256sum [Filename].iso

in the directory where you have downloaded iso file.
Change [Filename] to the actual name of the file.

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or this , it is much easier xD



I did not know such thing existed! :nerd_face:
Well, time has been changed.

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The proper sha256 should be:

Please look for the download with the r1 (revision 1) suffix.

I didn't get it :')