Zorin OS 16 Core Frustrations - Not For Me

By 'his' I meant @Ultrabenosaurus .

But problems like red light effect,software app and files app not working properly,reopening apps,not able to set a dare format; etc It all feels like an software issue. Mostly hardware doesn't contribute much.

My point is that some companies do keep premium features for premium users and always add problems in the free or budget versions. Like apple's iPhone se has same processor as of iphone 11, but still iphone se is being limited by the software so that it doesn't give that performance of the much premium iphone 11/iphone 11 pro. Same happened with the m1 ipad and doesn't matter how much you deny it same is with iphone 12 and iphone 12 pro and recently this happens in every other company.

Even samsung has the same strategy with their note and galaxy line ups. Leave these big companies even small companies like xaiomi, vivo, oppo, asus,etc. Use this to differentiate between premium and budget customers and there is nothing wrong in it.

Windows give different treatment to the pro,home and education users. And the free windows downloaders are treated like trash on windows. Companies need to do this so that they prevail both in the budget segment and in the premium segment too.

Zorin for years gave their softwares for free, I had some problems while using zorin 15(which was based on Ubuntu 20.04 Same as zorin 16)education on my desktop like files and software use to lag, etc(I don't remeber them all) but after installing zorin 16 pro my desktop feels like new, it even run heavy games like minecraft with very high graphics,fortnight with medium graphics which wasn't possible on windows 10 pro and zorin 15 education and core.

You can see here I compared zorin os 16 pro to windows 10 pro and zorin is so much better.

I am not saying zorin is like other cruel companies but zorin has to do this to survive in this sector. Windows and Mac os are pretty powerfull and too much funded sectors zorin in order to be able to beat Mac or windows has to use these tricks to be the most powerfull one.