Zorin os 16 pro is so much better not just in looks but also in performance

you will be shocked when i will tell you this , that the whole internet isnt talking about but they should.

i had windows 10 home on my desktop but it used to crash frequently then i upgraded to windows education which was a little better but still used to lag a lot. then i thought lets spend some more cash an di bout windows 10 pro which was like 20% better than windows home.

but even the pro started crashing and lagging a lot( i thought it might be due to my old hardware), and my desktop kept crashing for 2 months.
i was so frustrated , then i finally took the decision that most of the old hardware users had to take, i switched to zorin os 16 pro( now, why zorin? will be there at the end of the article)

now you should know what my desktop specifications are:-

cpu:- amd fx 6300 ( 3 core cpu virtually divided into 6 cores,6 threads, launched in 2013,3.5 ghz clock speed)

gpu :- nvidia gt 710 ( without fans)

ram:- 8 gb ram at 1333mhz

motherboard:- gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2

now here comes the interesting part now, even using the windows pro which is apparently windows best performing software gave me this geekbench score
single core:- 423
multi core:-1521
now, for an old hardware this is a good benchmark benchmark, which is equal to i5 7200u gen in single core and i7 6500u in multi core.

but with zorin os 16 pro the geekbench score is
single core:- 552
multi core:- 2032
on the same specs this is a specific improvement zorin os pro gave me visible and analytical difference of 75% on an average. now this score is equal to i5 8265u in single core and in multi core it is equal to i7 7660u

now you can see the difference here is of one generation, zorin os pro kind of boosted my cpu from 17 6th gen to i7 7th gen which is a big difference.

i just saw it and was figuratively blown away. just think what you can do with this i can make an i7 11th gen to work like an i7 12th gen, i can do more video editing with less rendering time and fluctuations, i can game more with better fps( now zorin supports windows apps too).

why aren't people talking about this on internet, i guess this is the reason macos is better than windows might be because it uses same unix kernel as linux. now the difference might just be because i am using the pro version of zorin, but then people should know that they don't have to waste $230 on windows 10 pro for performance but they can get best performance in $39. plus they get wireless transfer and the security is just awesome.

tell if you see any performance difference with zorin or ubuntu on latest processors.


Excellent post, thats what I am talking about. Take that MS you smell like a dead fish on a city bus, and your slow as a slug and a snail on a side walk too. See, Zorin is the best! WOOHOO!

Zorin OS, Zorin OS, what you gonna MS, when Zorin comes for you? HAHA YES! I love it. Stellar post dude. No, scratch that, reverse it.... Stellarnarious post. Prepare for this, cause I am rated your post...

:stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars:

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I know right ! Plus zorin has wireless transfer just like samsung Dex and the integration between android and zorin is just awesome. You can say that this is cheap apple ecosystem ( only airpods syncing is what I miss). In some terms zorin pro is better than mac too. I guess I should post this as an article on internet. That's fussin good observation :smirk:

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Yeah, people don't have much success getting proprietary apple devices to connect, obviously Apples doing. But anything that isn't created under the giant glorifying apple, should work. So just go to Amazon, and you will find tons of bluetooth ear pods that are ripoffs of Apple, but each come with their different features, and quality, and so does the price reflect that. But just about anything will be cheaper then Apple's products. lol

True... Hats off to linux community. It doesn't bother me to pay a little if they are doing such good work​:clap::clap:

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I just wanna say, thank you so much for being so stellar, :star2: for buying PRO, and supporting the DEVS! :slightly_smiling_face:

Ohhhh.... They are supposed to be appreciated for what they are doing!! This is my small contribution to the development community. And since I used linux for 2-3 years and trust me linux taught me so much about technology that windows could never teach me in 7-8 years. I guess I owe them, this much!!

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