Zorin OS 16 Core on a ThinkPad T440s i7 12GB Memory

It all works, Zorin found all my hardware without any problems, even my epson printer (in past releases I needed to install drivers for it). I was able to install Dropbox, and enpass without issues. Other distros I have had problems in the past using dropbox.
I did a comparison of MX Linux, Zorin OS 16 and Ubuntu. again I chose Zorin OS. I know people say you can setup other distros to look like Zorin OS. I like the more polished UI Zorin provides. I have used linux since the 1990s and this UI looks so good. Zorin 16 Core works well and I very happy with my choice. Great job Zorin. Thanks.


Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I am still using MX and Mint along with Zorin but when it comes to the design, nothing can match the beauty of Zorin :bouquet:

I have no hesitation to say that Zorin looks way better than macOS which I was using till 2 yeas ago before I made a come back to Linux.


Welcome Andreak9173 to Zorin OS 16 :exclamation:

WOW, I know amazing right? :grin:

The minute Zorin OS gets to the desktop, your mouth widens, light beams down from the heavens, and angel's singing begins. As you slowly shake your head left to right, you say... "I've been waiting for you my whole life" :heartbeat:

And now begins all the fun that you shall have with Zorin OS 16 woohoo! :partying_face:


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