Zorin os 16 core R1 on imac mid 2007

Hello Zorin Team !!!

flashed with Balenaetcher on usb kingston 8 gb Zorin 16 core R1 tryed to install holding the right efi on the menu of boot but there is a ..boot error then appears the menu TRY...but selecting anyone of the option Nothing Happens....with the Iso of version 15.3 all is Good and can Try and install .....there is a way to bypass this problem...maybe writing the image on DVD...Please let Me know !

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Some Mac user found that connecting an external keyboard solve the issue. Apparently a mac keyboard is unable to change boot device in Zorin 16 before the installation. It will work after the installation.

to do a fresh install to Zorin 16, be sure to reboot to your usb drive by pressing and holding the ALT key on a non-Mac keyboard. It is working for me at least.

Actually we are just users like yourself.
None of us are related to Zorin group in any way.
As such, we are all volunteers here and NOT a hired customer service.

With version 15.3 is All GOOD Doing the same things.....with version Core 16 R1 there is a message aboout Boot Not Present and doesnt works No Boot NoTry NoInstall..... It's R1 the version that should solve problems on Boot as others one have posted.....! Imac Mid 2007 is not supported by Zorin !?!?

I do not have a mac so I cannot tell you.

All I know is there is another mac user on the forum (did you check the link above?) successfully change the boot device by using non-mac keyboard during the Zorin 16 installation.

And yes, he also had Zorin 15,3 before where this needs for the external keyboard did not exist.

While I understand your frustration, please keep your calm.
As I've already said before, we are all volunteers here and no one is obliged to provide an answer to all questions.

I'm absolutly calm No Problem...if there is something U know to solve my problem Please Let Me know...Have a Good Day Everyone !

ah Yes I understand Now U mean for these : !!!!!! No it's my way of writing I am Calm....sorry to have been misundertood for !!!!!!! :smile:

Oh, OK!!!!!!!

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If installing to a Mac, Macbook or Mac Pro, you may need rEFInd to install Zorin OS:

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Have a Good Day Everyone !
On my Imac mid 2007 happens these things :smile:
MX19 kde 64 bit Start and Wifi works
Manjaro kde latest Start and Wifi works
Endeavour latest Start and Wifi not recognized
Pop Os No Boot the same problem as Zorin Os 16 Core
Zorin 15.3 Start and Wifi works
Zorin 16 Core R1 No Boot No nothing ....dont chew much Efi dont know why do not work
If U happens to solve my problem I would consider to buy the version Pro...

Again Have a Good Day Everyone !!!!

Solved the Mistery: Zorin Os 16 Boot but requires much more time to charge...the only problem is that the version 15.3 let me to connect to wifi but version 16 dont see the wifi connector....Have a Good Day Everyone !!!!!!

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