Zorin OS 16 - Dual Boot with Windows 10 issue

Hi guys,

I'm trying to install Zorin OS 16 in parallel with Windows 10, but I can't get the dual boot to work.

I'm using a desktop computer, I did a clean install for Windows 10 and I resized a partition (via Disk Management) to have 100GB of free unallocated space. Fast startup and secure boot options are also disabled.

During the Zorin installation, I choose to use it alongside Windows 10 and I let the installer choose the disk space to use for me, so basically, everything is on the default setting.

After installation is done, I choose to reboot but It looks like I'm stuck with Zorin logo flashing on the screen. If I press any key, the computer will restart but will boot directly into Windows.

Do you have any suggestions ? Thanks a lot.

If you created free space using the windows disk management, it should have created a new partition with free space. You should not have formatted the partition in the second step in windows.

When you installed Zorin, you select "something else", not the option to run along side windows. When you select something else it will give you the options to install on the free space partition you created in windows. From there you should create a home, root and swap out of that free space. Zorin will then install on those partitions.

If you select alongside windows it will use the partition that windows is sitting on.


I just created the free space on the disk by shrinking the C: partition, so it was there unallocated, I didn't create any partition from Windows from the new space, in order to let Zorin create it for me during the installation.

It's always best to use the windows partition manager over one in any of the distros during install. You run less risk of corrupting the windows files using the built in windows system. Make sure to run the check disk once you boot into windows to check and repair the windows disk.

If you already installed it, when your system boots, hit F2 or whatever your option is, go into the bios settings and see what your boot order is. You should see something for Zorin using grub, move that up to the first position pushing Windows to the second position. Then save it, reboot.

If he installed windows and Zorin on the same hard disk then he can go to boot menu. Then he must see two operating systems. Choice the Zorin it can wrote "ubuntu" then hold shift button. @Aravisian gived me instruction guide and in grub change "hidden" to "menu" also timeout change from 0 to 10

You should be able to install by using something else and selecting the allocated space. I have done that many times. Zorin being Ubuntu based has a 2GB swap file by default, so a swap partition is optional unless you want the system to hibernate. I set the boot flag to / but that is optional too. The simple way is install along-side, but you have created the space already.

You can also extend the windows partition with using the unallocated space and install along-side.

I think that the issue is related to the boot manager, somehow ...

I tried another scenario, since I have two disks, I reinstalled Windows 10 on the first disk (and I disabled Fast Startup), then Zorin on the second disk (with erasing option).

After the installation is finished, I see the following screen, with Zorin logo animating :

After 10 minutes of waiting, I press a key, and the computer restarts.

I was expecting that after restart I can see the options to choose the OS to boot to, but it starts directly in Windows ...

It looks like Zorin is crashing before reaching init. We can assume that the Boot directory was created and the EFI partition managed.
I notice you are using an MSI motherboard. That could be related.
What graphics cards are you using?

MSI Radeon RX 5700 EVOKE OC, 8GB GDDR6, 256-bit

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I wonder if this is related to this:

Your Zorin OS LiveUSB does boot, right?

I am currently running Zorin and Win 10 on different drives. I'd suggest running boot repair from the live medium and view the options carefully . There are suggested automatic fixes and you can create a summary and upload to pastebin.

This is very usefull guide partition.

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