Zorin OS 16: Dymanic Mountains

Want these dymanic wallpapers that change depending on time of day on Zorin OS 17? Now you can!

Took these wallpapers from Zorin OS 16.3.

Link: Zorin Mountains (Dymanic)

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You can simply copy the Zorin Mountain Folder in the Try Modus from Zorin 16, too.

The try what now?

When You have Zorin 16 on a USB Stick You have the Options to install it or to try it. And there You choose the Try Option - or Live Mode if you prefer that Name.

Where do I need to put the images and the xml to have them changing during day and night?


You take the whole zorin-mountain Folder with all Pictures and the xml File and put it to /usr/share/backgrounds

After that You open gnome-tweaks and choose for the Background Picture the xml File or open the Gnome Settings and go there to the Background Picture Choice and choose there the Zorin Mountain.