Zorin os 16 freeze problem

Hi, I hope you are all doing well. Since ZORIN 16 launched on the market, my laptop has been freezing during my work. Why is it that I need to forcefully shut down my laptop to work again? Can you help me resolve this issue?

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What kernel are you currently using?

uname -a


uname -r

I have this problem occasionally also. I haven't been able to find a pattern, except that I always have many programmes running when it happens.

Sometimes I can go to a terminal (CTRL+ALT+F3), kill X, and avoid a reboot. But mostly I have to use the power button to force a reboot.

I'm running 5.13.0-39-generic


I also have this problem when I open too many tabs on my laptop.

This suggests, since you say it has been continuous since you first installed Zorin OS after its initial release, that the problem has been present on All Kernel Versions that have updated through until now...

Have you checked for errors?

Boot logs:

journalctl -b

Kernel logs:

journalctl -k

Error level priority messages:

journalctl -p err -b

No I am not pro in troubleshooting problems

What should I need to do?

I am facing same issue right now. It froze 5 times today on my pc. In which i was debugging android apps in physical device 4 out of 5 times and in one time only calculator was opened

In your case, you have been experiencing a variety of issues - enough that if it was me... I would perform a Reinstall of the OS, just to rule out a cause of corruption. Also... I would try installing Zorin OS Lite, instead - in order to test the functionality and responsiveness.
It may not be your first D.E. choice, but we can amend that later if the fresh Zorin OS Lite install performs better or does not show these issues by installing the Zorin Core D.E. on it.