Zorin OS 16 Freezes Abruptly

Sometimes my laptop is freezing. I've seen the old posts but they are a bit old as several kernel updates have come ever since. I've checked the resource consumption and no resource-hungry apps are running except Google Chrome with 5 tabs open.

My laptop specs:

Intel i7 4510U processor.
Geforce 840M GPU
256GB Crucial SSD (Zorin is on this disk)
1TB Western Digital HDD

Let me know if you need further data. I'm happy to provide.

When did it start freezing up? My laptop that had never locked up started freezing up right after the latest kernel update from version 27 to 28. I had to roll back to 27 and the freezing stopped.

Does this occur when you are accessing the platter drive? Have you gotten the latest updates for the kernel 5.13.0-30 was released recently (i downloaded it today but i don't know the release date). Is you're bios up to date? I'll do some digging and see what i can find.

I see a lot of people with this problem. Zorin freezes and then you have to hold in the power button to restart.

If I find out why its freezing my system up I'll let you know.

Hey, did you find any solution to this?

If you are running an nvidia system, try changing to the 900 series driver (950, 960). This may help since the 400 series driver is known to cause issues. If it still occurs, attempt to run neuvaeu drivers and again test for the same behavior. This is not distro specific from what I've read... anything running the Ubuntu LTS releases is prone to this behavior unless it's patched or modified by the distro devs.

Does this still occur on the 5.13 kernel versions that are now being released? Please provide your system specs if so and what kernel version is currently being utilized. It may also be helpful if you include the circumstances in which this behavior is observed.

This just happened to me :fearful:

I remember this also being an issue while running Zorin Core 15.3 and thought might be the hardware. I completely forgot to update that thread but I have been running Debian just fine since then.

Right now I have a brand new laptop that I got a few months ago, and only recently installed Zorin Pro 16.1...

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