Zorin os 16 how to send files through bluetooth?

Hi,I hope you are all doing well.

I want to send media in mobile through bluetooth i dont know how to send it? can you help me plz?

Zorin Connect?

Click the Zorin :zorin: icon bottom of screen. Type Zorin Connect. Launch it. That should do what you are asking for.

I've never used it though, so I am not the right person to provide step by step guidance on it. But, just start there, and if your having issues, you can always come back to post about them, and someone will be with you shortly.

thanks StarTreker but it send files through wifi signals .

i want to sends files by using bluetooth...

Then I don't know what to tell ya. Maybe go to the software store, install Blueman APP. Maybe that will do it for you? If that is an option that don't work how you like. Then I suggest just plug a cable into your phone and do it that way.

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thanks its work for me ...

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