Zorin os 16 lite calendar - how to put notes with alarm?

Need Help,i dont know what to do
on how to put notes in calendar widget
all it does it shows the date
i tried clicking on a random date to set a Note but its no good
I tried apps at the software store but none of them helped
the first ones on top says its for Gnome but zorin 16 lite is xfce
please help
i need it since i participate on multiple Game Events

The Gnome Calendar should work fine on Zorin OS Lite (XFCE) and perform in the way that you want.

i tried the "Calendar" on the first result,what happened was nothing is happening
i tried to make a note typed "test",i pressed ok (the small window was still there)
nothing happens,i tried clicking on "Edit Details" still nothing happens

i tried "GNOME Calendar",same thing happened(same layout too)

both claimed it runs for gnome

what should i use now?

They are for Gnome Desktop - but will work in XFCE. I am honestly unsure as to why they are not working properly... Installing Gnome Calendar on my machine as a test just now, it accepted "Test Note" without any trouble.
Other than reinstalling it... Which I do not suspect will be fruitful right now... I am not sure where to begin troubleshooting that one.

restarted and tried again
still didnt work,tried pressing Add still nothing happened
what am i gonna use now?

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