Zorin OS 16 Lite - Issues encountered with OS after installation and updates

Some feedback and issues after installing Zorin 16 Lite on old laptop.

Intel N3050 Celeron CPU
Zorin OS 16.1 / 10 March 2022

Installed and worked fine with latest stock installation, but after I ran latest OS updates, high CPU usage became very noticeably and performance was seriously impacted.

Secondly, installed ubuntu-restricted-extras, as PC will be used mainly for media playback. This caused the video both in the default media player and VLC to not play video correctly with a scrabbled image. Audio worked fine.

I reverted and reinstalled the OS, did no updates and restricted extras. System is running smooth and responsively, considering the specs. Most video codecs are playing fine, but one video is not playing smoothly with some jitters in frame rate issues. Not sure on the codec of the video.

There is also no setting to ignore closer of the laptop lid. I have the laptop plugged into another display and want to be able to close the lid with out the device going into sleep mode or the likes.

Otherwise a great linux version, great look and feel and very responsive for the system its running on. I was using Elementry OS, but this is running better out the box, to many issues were encountered on the latest version of Elementary.


Hello ,
If you have an issue with the default video playback
just try installing celluloid (based on MPV ) it has all the codecs built-in

flatpak install flathub io.github.celluloid_player.Celluloid

Thank you, wasn't aware of this media player solution, I'll try it out.

Obviously posting here to give feedback to the developers. What I like about Zorin is that is lite, fast, clean and good looking and works out the box. If my feedback can help them improve it even more, it would be appreciated, especially the system update issue that really impacted the performance of the PC.

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