Zorin OS 16 lite

Is there a lite version for Zorin OS 16 beta maybe with xfce DE ? If no then when will it come?

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There's no Z16 lite beta, but you can install xfce on Z16 beta if you can't wait.

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Ya i could but wouldn't it be a very heavy OS having gnome and xfce both. I wanted to install Z16 lite as i have a 10 year old laptop

It would not be heavy, since the resources used are dependent only on the Current Running Desktop Environment.

I have XFCE4 installed on my copy of Zorin OS 16 beta.

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Can i upgrade zorin without losing any data?

I would make sure you backup your /home partiton, just in case. Then when you come to install new version that is Z16 Core Beta, make sure you do not format the /home partition. Your data should then be retained in /home partition.

We understnd the devs are planning a direct update path from Z15.3 to Z16, sometime after the production version is released. So that would be a simple update route. However, I would still back-up your /home partition prior to that in case that goes badly and you have to do a fresh installation. There is a school of thought that a fresh installation of a new version is the best thing to do as it gives your system a good clear-out. The downside is you have to re-install all your apps etc.