Zorin Os 16 not detecting Olivetti 3G modem


I'm using Zorin OS 16. When I'm trying to connect Olivetti 3G modem, it's not showing anything. How can I setup it?

The model is Olivetti 160 Branco.

I did all the steps avaible in this tutorial and the problem still persists.

I cannot say this for sure, but your Olivetti 3G modem, may not be supported by Linux. This is usually easy to know, as it won't work in Linux out of the box, even if a driver is added.

Hopefully, somebody with greater experience with your device, will be able to provide you a better answer. But more information about your device might be helpful.

sudo apt install screenfetch

Then once installed type screenfetch

Post the results here...

This is a very old card.:neutral_face:
Your best bet is to replace it.

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