Zorin OS 16 on Mac

Hi, New to Zorin OS 16. Seriously like it! We have been testing it out and have successfully installed it onto a 2010 Toshiba Satellite L650. Works great! Also testing it on Mac's, as we have a few here from 2009-2013. Macbook Pro's, iMac's, and a Mac Pro. We have 10 of them in total! Been on Mac for about 10 years or so since Snow Leopard, then went to El Capitan, then to High Sierra where we still are. No desire to upgrade Mac OS at all.
We looked around at Linux Distros and found Zorin 15.3 last year...we really liked it but the 2010 Macbook Pro we were using would not sleep, or would sleep and then would not wake. Nothing ever solved the issue.
My purpose of this thread, though, is to find a general consensus on Zorin OS 16 on older Mac's. Any good experiences? Any bad experiences? Thus far we have only tested Zorin OS 16 on Mac via a USB flash drive or on Parallels Desktop (virtual machine). On Parallels we cannot get any Linus Distro into a proper screen resolution. So I thought I would check on this forum/discussion board. Thanks.


WiFi issues may be there..

Yes, I have read about those issues, but we do not use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, so it would not affect us.

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