Zorin os 16 pro, core and lite

hi everyone omim 100% new to linux from windows iv watched zorin for awhile now and i gave it a try my issue is i have a hp probook 6550b 2.4GHz 4GB Ram and every version i installed so far on three 1TB drives pro core and lite and every one is heavy on my system the CPU is working like crazy from 70% to 100% when connected to the internet updating and ect. the other thing is iv seen some videos on youtube guys having 4GB swap to 8GB swap but my system has 1GB to 9070mb i realy like zorin os 15 and 16 but as iv seen my system over works the fan never stops its lagy and it freezing..is there a reason why this is happening

The HP Probooks are notorious... You managed to get Zorin Installed, which is an improvement.
I would need to look into this further, but wanted to acknowledge your post.

Please post your full system SPECS here. Or if you'd like......

CTRL ALT T to enter terminal

sudo apt install screenfetch

Press Y when asked

Once the install is completed...


Take a screenshot and post it here...

This ones mine see...
Zorin OS 16 PRO - New Screenfetch - 5.11.36 Kernel

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hi i managed to fix the issue it was my laptop that had a hardware problem.but as for now im running zorin os16 core and after replacing the bad hardware its perfect

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i fixed the issue is was a bad hardware issue but after replacing the ram and placed thermal paste on cpu its now smooth on my hp probook 6550b running zorin 16 core its even running pro very well but i went with core


That what my husband is using which is essentially same as my Elitebook (aluminium body instead of resin).

I installed and used Zorin 16 on it without an issue and my husband is using MXLinux without any issue. About the only thing I did was replacing WiFi modules with more Linux friendly ones.

Actually Core and Pro is essentially the same OS. Pro has some additional themes and pre-installed apps for user convenience.

My husband is using HP Probook 6570b.
It is very close to your model and it runs Linux like a charm :slight_smile:

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the only thing im struggling now with is geting the intel graphics card driver

Do you have Intel GPU only?
Or it also has NVidia?

its a intel core processor IMG_20211110_221301|666x500

I've never experienced a problem with Core-i integrated graphics.
Its driver is integrated in Linux kernel and there is no ndeed to install anything to make it work.

oh okay didnt know that i guess im used to it being intel Hp Graphics

It is a well-known secret (oxymoron intended) that most of the drivers are included in Linux kernel. That is why I can install Linux much faster then Windows on the same machine. I do not have to flip the installer DVDs nor download drivers from the net.

A few exception is some very new WiFi modules.
If there is no .deb installer you need to compile it yourself.
It is not that difficult now a days. There are those kind people offering a shell script to run in terminal to make the whole process semi-automated.

iv noticed how quick it was to install zorin even other distros unlike windows taking forever to install. im very happy with zorin only parts that bothered me was when playing ATS on steam my laptop just restarted by itself so i thought it was the intel graphics driver that showed intel ironlake mobile instead of intel Hp Graphics

You should start a new thread for that question.
I am not a gamer but there are some enthusiasts on this forum who might have a solution for this problem.

okay thanks

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