Zorin OS 16 Pro Install on Multiple Computers

If I purchase a copy of Zorin OS 16 Pro, how many computers am I allowed to install it on? Is it like Windows where I have to purchase a copy per computer?

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Zorin Pro licence belongs to the individual.
In other words, if the computer belongs to you and being used by you, you can install it as many computers as you wish.

For the same reason, you cannot installed it on other people's computer like computer of your neighbours or colleagues.

Most Linux paid apps work that way.
There is no authentication server like Windows, it is based on the trust system.

Most of us purchase Pro version to support developers in lieu of donation.

There really are not much differences between Core and Pro version regarding functionality.

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"You can install your copy of Zorin OS Pro on multiple computers for personal use.

For use in a business or organization use, you will need to purchase a copy of Zorin OS Pro for each computer you intend to use it on."



I have a follow up on this. I see it's based on a trust system, and I don't want to exploit anything. Is it ok to install my version on family members within the same household?


And I did. :wink:


Thanks for the quick reply :smiley: She tested Mint, but didnt want the 90's look my GF said haha. Showed her Zorin, and there was no complaints.