Zorin OS 16 Pro, installation, payments

I received the paid download email for Zorin OS 16 Pro. I have Zorin OS 15.3, do I have to pay full price anyway? There is no possibility to install Zorin OS 16 Pro from the command line or from "updates", do I still have to do a fresh installation and overwrite all the data?

Thanks Maurizio.

Unfortunately the "update" option won't be for a while yet, so a fresh install is advised.

There was questions regarding a discount for those that had 15.3 Ultimate but no word on it. If nothing else, you are supporting the only two developers of a solid and fast operating system. Is there something better to spend your money on, when we used to pay hundreds for a half a**ed operating system? Their work is beyond any quality of the larger distros, personally i think it's a steal.


Yes, you can upgrade from Z 15.3 to 16 but not yet. It will be available soon.
About paying full price again, I fully agree with @337harvey .

At least, that is the minimum what you can done, if you want ofc.

This work for 2 people is really huge. Making new builds, maintaining servers, forum, apps, mirrors etc.

I know that all of us paying daily for unnecessary sh*ts (junk foods,drinks, etc)

Imagine if you spend months working hard on something, and nobody even thank you for that.

But yeah, everyone have different opinion.

Even mine was , hell why I need to pay something on Linux, it is free..

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