Zorin OS 16 Pro won't boot on Macbook pro

I have recently purchased Zorin OS 16 Pro but it won't show up on my MacBook's boot screen when I hold down the option/alt key, however Zorin OS 16 Core shows up and boots fine without any issues.
I'm using MacBook Pro late 2011
What is causing this? and can I upgrade from core to Pro from inside the OS?

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Have you tried using rEFInd to install Zorin OS Pro?

It sure seems like the 2011 model of Macbook shows up on the forum a lot. I wonder what it is about that particular year... Do macbooks only get produced during a certain year?

@Aravisian thanks for your reply.
No I haven't I'll try and see what happens.

Hahaha I don't know, but this model is still perfectly functional and powerful even for today's standards.

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