Zorin os 16 ultimae

I just migrated from Windows 10 to zorin os; due to continuous problems, Windows 10 is a headache:
I'm testing zorin os 16 betas; and I'm waiting for the full 16 ultimate versions to come out to buy it, what date will it come out please.
They can incorporate Photoshop in version 16

Photoshop is designed and built to operate on Windows. As such, it is not compatible with Linux.
However, Photoshop can be installed and run in WINE. And in this way, can then run on Linux (Zorin).

Only @azorin or @zorink can give a reasonable answer as to the for the Zorin OS Ultimate release date. Zorin OS 16 Core has been rumored to be likely released in July.

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Thank you very much for your help, I will look at that information. :hugs: