Zorin OS 16 wifi stopped working after using Windows in VBox

I am on Zorin 16 Pro. My WiFi quit working five days ago out of the blue. The OS can see my WiFi adapter when running a lspci command but when I go to my network settings it says no WiFi adapter found. I am using an HP EliteBook 8460p. It has worked flawlessly for the past year up until five days ago. I have taken my WiFi card out and re-seated to no avail. I am currently connected to the internet using USB tethering as well as Bluetooth tethering. I have been a network engineer for the past 15 years so I am privy to these things. I am not so familiar with all the ins and out of Zorin OS although it is my main OS that I use. Is there a way of updating devices using CLI? I think this happened around the same time I installed Virtual Box and ran a Windows 11 OS virtually. Is there a way that somehow that OS kidnapped my WiFi card?? I have never heard of this but I am not an expert with Virtual Box. Anyone with any feedback please share. Thanks!

Can you please post the terminal output for

sudo lshw -C network

If you were running Windows 11 in a virtual environment, it is possible that Windows retained control over the wifi hardware even after you closed the virtual environment. Try booting the PC, then initializing the Win11 virtual environment, then commanding Win11 to fully shut down. Then close the Virtual Environment and test the wifi.

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