Zorin OS 17.1 arrives!

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Let's see how many blog sites are confused again and start saying that ZorinOS 17.1 is based on Ubuntu 23.10:

same version of the Linux kernel and graphics stack as in the latest Ubuntu 23.10.


Let the Show begin, haha!

An Addition to @GolfBallFromBeefyDie: Zorin 17.1 Educational is available too.

On Zorin 17 Pro the update was seamless and almost unnoticed till mentioned - nice!!!

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They did it, they actually did it. They were listening this whole time.


Hello everyone, hope that 2024 has been going well for all of you. I have personally struggled with personal issues going on in my life, but I continue to manage to push on through regardless.

I just got the email from the Zorin team about the new Zorin OS 17.1 release. To be perfectly honest, I am quite surprised they released a new version only a couple of months after initial release. I suppose because the team have been listening to the feedback that they were given, is why they released a new version so quickly.

I didn't read anything in there about the feature I wanted added, the CPU Power Manager, that allows one to manually tweak the CPU frequency, but I guess that feature is either low priority, or not doable with the new version of Gnome that they are using now.

I did know that there were a few members asking when Zorin OS 17 Education was to be released. Looks like they got their wish, as it has now been officially released, and they added APPS that were requested by teachers, which is cool.

And while I wasn't aware that there were any security issues regarding modern day Linux, I also read in the email, that they have upgraded the security of Zorin OS 17, all while adding further support for Windows APPS, with Wine 9.0. Looks like Wine is not going away afterall, and continuing to be supported with future releases.

Unfortunately, I didn't read anything in the email regarding the tons of people who had problems either installing OS 17, or upgrading to OS 17. It would have been nice to read a response to all those who have had problems with the initial release of OS 17, and to talk about what they improved, to make users upgrade, a smoother experience.

I'm continuing to hold off for now, I became extremely cautioned when all the negative reports came rolling in. I like how my computer is setup right now with Zorin OS 16.3, I got everything how I have it, and this are working out great. I see no reason to upgrade as it is currently, and I have official support until 2025.

So, I'm looking forward to OS 17 getting even better to entice me to upgrade to it, or, I will just hold off for OS 18. To be perfectly honest, thats what I did when I was on Zorin OS 12.4, I did not update my system to run OS 15, I skipped over an OS, and went straight to OS 16 from OS 12.

By the time 2025 comes around, and support is dropped for OS 16.3, the Zorin dev's will probably have OS 18 for us. I think realistically, that will be the next OS that I will be shooting for to upgrade to. I bet there are a lot of other people just like me, who have made the same decision, I can't be the only one in that regard.

Alright folks, enjoy the new updates that have come to you all in Zorin OS 17.1!


Updated my Z Core 17 to 17.1 in a VM and after reboot seems pretty snappy and quick on an old 9th gen i5.

Ubuntu releases a point release every few months as well. Not saying this should be the norm or, on the contrary, that there's any wrong with it, but it's just not that strange.
I would say this is especially important with the first update after a new version is out, which usually has new features and unexpected changes (since it's the first "real world" release of its kind). For example the upgrade from Z16 to Z17 has been quite bumpy for some people.

But I agree with your decision to stick with what you know it works. I also have no intention to upgrade just yet (mainly because it's a hassle to meet, run the update, make sure everything works, etc.) but for new installations I'm going for Z17 directly, and so far so good.

Best of luck, I hope things get better soon. Stay safe and strong!

That's 2017... that's not that old, is it? :sweat_smile:


Feels like it at the rate Intel are going. :smiley:

With intel changing the platform with essentially every new chipset, a new intel generation is outdated by the time you buy it.



I noticed that too, plus, I guess Lite had killed itself? Because I don't see the Lite edition on the download page.


Also, this is what the window may look like for the Windows App Support page on the Software store in the new release. Notice the word "Bottles":

I would think that it is simply not ready until now.

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Oh, okay. I see now.

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Thank you very much for this update, dear Zorin team! I like that the latest version of LibreOffice is included. Before, I always downloaded the latest version from the official website of LibreOffice but of course it's more comfortable to get it from the package manager.

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I'm running Zorin 17 pro on a del 17" laptop -11 years old - ssd's - i7 4c 8t cpu with nvidia - fastest it's ever ran - updates have been seamless. have not had to adjust anything on all my Zorin units - 7. Am very happy in that regard. Windows rides with 3 units, and the old dell is actually split duty with another linux distro - also ubuntu based, plus I use the backup drive for other system building/experimentation - a home learning platform in use.


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