Zorin OS 17.1 does not start

I assume that I don't even need to try to upgrade from Zorin 16 to 17.1 if he doesn't want to start computers from the stick. Who can tell me what's going on?

Is Zorin 16.3 the only OS on the system? Is it Core or Lite?

Yes, it is the only system. It ist Pro.

Hi, as it is the Pro version, it might be down to the fact that you have to pay for a new version of 17.1 Pro - updates to newer versions are not free. If payment has been made, and due to the fact that Zorin 16.3 Pro is installed you are eligible for customer support from Zorin directly - you just need to fill in this request:

I have paid!
Thank you!

This seems to bethe solution!

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