Zorin OS 17.1 Education | Bugs Encountered Occurs Frequently

Hello Guys got some doubts and bugs in my laptop need your help guys.

  1. I am sharing an video of the bugs I encountered please help me fix them.
    when using laptop and it is went to sleep mode after I am away and again after opening it I am encountering these bugs sometimes but not every-time.
  • The mouse pointer becomes square in shape and can't open anything.
  • Trying to open any app it shows some error on top of screen. (In video).
  • even it won't restart or shutdown have to do it by clicking button forcedly.
  • in taskbar and menu the apps are invisible as you can see in video.

  1. I am sharing my neofetch details of my laptop and also my about pc where the graphic card showing in neofetch is correct and in about pc it is showing some other, is it normal or anything we should change in settings.

Please help me in explaining it.

neofetch screenshot

Screenshot from 2024-05-24 00-35-21

about the PC

Thanks in advance :blush:

Okay, let's try the easiest Thing first:

I see that You are runnig Wayland. Could You change to Xorg and test if this Issue still appears? To change to Xorg go to the Login Screen. Click on Your Profile so that the Password Field apears. The Password Field must be appeared. Then You see in the bottom right Corner a Gear Icon. click on it. There You should have 2 Options:

Zorin Desktop (that is Wayland)
Zorin Desktop on Xorg (that is X11)

Choose the Xorg Version and then log in and test it.


Thank you @Ponce-De-Leon . But have to see in coming days as I have to use need to check whether still it is encountered or not. For now I think it will be fixed as I have changed to x11 (Xorg). Hope everything works fine.

Once again thank you


Yes, sure. Take Your Time and test it and look if it works.

I see from your neofetch screenshot that you have Nvidia graphics. That should normally mean X11 is set default instead of Wayland, as there are known issues with Nvidia and Wayland.
Once your testing is completed and you are content with the result, I would ask you to tag the post that helped you with :ballot_box_with_check:Solution.


I see in wayland for now it is better compared to the x11 xorg. I hope in future this will be fixed. but in x11 also sometimes it is happening like getting struck. @zabadabadoo

Actually re-reading your OP, I see you have AMD ATI 06:00.0 Renoir GPU as well as Nvidia GTX 1650.
AMD should normally be supported by linux kernel. From the video, as you are not gaming or doing serious graphics stuff at the time, I am guessing that the AMD GPU is in use.
Maybe a different linux kernel could help if you are still having display issues. I do not have the knowledge to suggest whether an older or a newer kernel would offer better support for that specific AMD GPU.