Zorin OS 17.1 is already out ... ?!

Had a minor system update. Saw that the Zorin Updater needed to be updated. Went ahead and updated everything. Rebooted. Checked the OS version afterward. Turns out I'm on Zorin OS 17.1 ... ?! Was surprised. (Pleasantly so, mind you.)

I knew the CEO said they were going to shoot for February or March 2023, but OK. Where's an official announcement? I tried to download the "Pro" ISO, but apparently it's still at version 17. When can we expect more information about Zorin OS 17.1?


P.S.: See picture below as "proof." (Thanks again.)

P.P.S.: Mods - sorry if this is in the wrong subforum ...


I changed it in the Chat about Zorin Category.

But I can confirm the 17.1 Version on Core:

Maybe that is the Reason why LibreOffice jumps to Version 24.2.1

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Thank you for moving it to the correct forum.

Hope the Zorin Group makes an announcement soon!

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I imagine this will be announced very soon then, otherwise it's a rather odd, albeit welcomed, play to sneak up on us like that :smiley:


Maybe there are in there Hearts Ninja's, haha! But the 17.1 Status could explain that LibreOffice jumps to the up-to-date Version 24.2.1.

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Indeed! Sneaky Zorin Group! Ha.


There usually are no major announcements for Zorin OS point releases from the ZorinGroup.

Announcements consist of major releases, new features or direct changes that will impact the user.

Point releases are part of the updater process, so a user does not need to download and install anything.


Not sure about why LibreOffice is 24.2.1 but mine is and that is what I have and Z17 Pro is still at 17.0 not 17.1 ..... I just had a major LibreOffice update yesterday .....

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We are still on Zorin OS 17,
To be the first to know, remember to open Zorin's Blog daily.

I open the blog page prior to opening the forum.

As for the "Upgrader" saying your on 17.1 is correct but not true, all that has happened is the Dev's have added the "title" entry to the Upgrader,


Me too !


There were for ZorinOS 16, although I don't know if this was something exceptional. But if they are planning on making this a regular thing, it would probably be a nice way of increasing visibility of the development efforts.

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Yes, that is right. The first 2 Numbers are the Year (24=2024) and the Month (2=February) and the last two Numbers are only for the Under-Version. They had changed the System for the Version-Numbers.


My quick and dirty response:

  1. Built-in applications seem OK (from the ones I did try just now).

  2. Have not had any issues with returning from sleep nor going to sleep.

  3. No issues with load testing, but my specs are decent, so "YMMV."

  4. SoftMaker Office works fine. Never had issues with it in Zorin, so ...

  5. No Bluetooth. No issues with audio and brightness (that I can tell).

OK? Hope this is helpful.

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Go here: Zorin OS 16.1 Released & Humanitarian Aid for Ukraine - Zorin

I hope the Zorin Group will post a similar blog article about 17.1 and make it "official" and explain "what's new" ...

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This is why an "Official Announcements" thread in the main page of the forum would be useful...


Maybe the Roll-Out have just began and they will make an Announcement after it roll's like it should.

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Sorry if i didn't make this clear.
ONLY the title has been added to the UPGRADER's list, this being the same as your OS name (Which can be seen in "settings>About")
I assume as the UPGRADER is the new software the Dev's have some how added the title(17.1) to the list.

So the bottom line is it's a FALSE notification & nothing has been upgraded on our systems.
This will only happen when the Zorin Group release any upgrades.
To obtain the false notification, you need to first be on Zorin OS 17 , open the Upgrader & follow the prompts.

Keep your eye's on the Blog page :slight_smile:

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Well, I mean ... why do it this way? So ... yeah.

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Well! It's an ... "interesting" approach, I'll say. Sure.

And like you said, keep an eye on the blog page. Yep.

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