Zorin OS 17 appearance/theme issue

After updating from 16.3 to 17 using the upgrader app, I've seen these problems with what I assume is the themes. Happens on both Wayland and X11

Context menu + white background on overview

White background on white text in applications menu, almost unreadable

Control panel menu

Weird text color in notifications panel

I hope this isn't a bother, I couldn't find any post referencing this, and I am not sure why it's happening.

Update: This doesn't seem to happen in the lock screen or user selection screens, only after I log in to my user

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Try these extensions:

Blur my shell
Open bar

They can help you with these questions.

Moved this to Feedback and tagging the staff directly to review a Zorin OS Themes issue.

EDIT - Tag removed

Could You please show a Screenshot form Your Settings in Gnome Tweaks? Maybe there is a Theme wrong placed.


Thanks to your comment I figured out that the issue seems to be with the colored shell themes, the only one that shows everything properly is when I select "Default" on shell theme, all the others have the issues mentioned at the start, so maybe I somehow ended up with the wrong themes?

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Yes, when You use colored Themes that could be.

Even when You have choose for Shell ZorinGrey-Dark? Because the ''Dark'' is the Point. That makes the Background dark. When You would choose ZorinGrey-Light it is white. With Third-Party Shell Themes it depends how it is make.

I use for Example A Theme called Graphite. There it is so, that I have a dark Background on Graphite-Light, Graphite and Graphite-Dark.

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I went to the repository for zorin themes, downloaded them manually and put them into ~/.themes, and the issue is fixed, so yeah, it seems I somehow did end up with outdated themes.

Thank you all for your help!

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