Zorin Os 17 Being Much More Slower Than 16.3

Last week I Tried Zorin OS 17. It was a mess, I remember it being much much much more slower than the previous zorin os 16.3, I remember gaming on zorin os 16.3 no problems whatsoever running flawlessly better than windows and then zorin os 17 releases even installing wine was a pain since the latest version of wine is broken, and to be fair i dont blame the zorin developers BUT even when i tried to install an older version of wine it installed okay without any errors but when i installed everything like dxvk, lutris, dotnet45,48 etc, and when i tried to run my games it ran awfully, with the same settings same location, even with the same hardware configuration it wasnt a very good experience, despite i was stuck with 60hz of my monitor display despite it being 120hz, not only that even the general work like opening a web browser and watching a video to just testing the fluidity of the system was much more worse than zorin os 16.3, and to be honest i love zorin os just as anyone else does in the community and it being my favorite os not only in looks but in gaming, has made me go back on windows, I respect you guys for what you do and you have my admiration but this performance was unacceptable for me, really hope zorin os 17.1 fixes these issues, i really want to contribute to these projects but i dont have the skill to create a operating system, I'm only a intermediate on C# and in game development, but i know you guys can do this.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

With a new OS release there are bound to be a few teething issues here and there, but I'm curious about your issues.

Have you tried booting into the X desktop and not the Wayland that is the default? That's just something I might recommend trying (unless the OS is completely removed from the system obviously) because it can cause issues in the weirdest of ways.

I'm not sure I 100% like that they've made wayland the default for reasons specifically like this (trying to troubleshoot issues), but for the most part it works... until it doesn't. :confused:

If trying to run games on Wayland that will be an issue as outlined by Nick from the LinuxExperiment.

I have my doubts on wayland aswell, also i can't try xorg on zorin since i removed it a week ago, pretty sure 16.3 had X11/Xorg by default and that's why it ran great, considering the same thing i gave linux mint a shot here thinking it would be much more better and it indeed was maybe wayland is the deal here, besides all that doesn't wine already support wayland, also with my game benchmarking i noticed that minecraft's performance was also noticeably worse than the other distros i tried aswell as windows! lots of dips and stutterings.

I recently watched him a couple days ago, in a video of a guide of linux gaming, i think he used wayland or am i missing something?

The video I watched stated that games don't run well on Wayland and need something called XWayland or X on Wayland.

do you mind providing a link please?

Bear with me I posted a link on another thread a few weeks back.


Ah thanks, i'll take a look, i hope zorin os has xwayland or some sort of patches, but despite that its upon the developers adding option for xwayland by default.

Changed the link to the correct one!

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