Zorin OS 17: Default Backgrounds

Experience the essence of Zorin OS with the official Wallpaper Pack. Each image, meticulously crafted in a palette of serenity, invites you to discover a timeless elegance.

This Wallpaper Pack is more than just aesthetics. It's a gateway to a Zorin-like workspace, a canvas for your individuality, and a constant reminder of the beauty that surrounds you.

Welcome to Zorin. Breathe. Focus. Create.
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Google Drive Link: ZorinOS17WallpaperPack.zip - Google Drive


I always use my own. You can add them in a batch by selecting all and hitting Open.


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Very nice!

Yes, don't be limited, either by your preferences, or your own creativity. And don't forget, if you have low vision, solid colours of the right sort and hue are best suited for you, not a distracting wall that we good sighted folks can cope with. And just noticed that there are no Solid colours available as an alternative to images! Is this a Zorin slip up - or an *oversight by the Gnome Project! (unintentional pun!)

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In the Gnome Desktop, the choice of a solid color background was removed quite a while ago. If you want a solid color, create an image of the correct size filled with the color you want and use that as the background. Inkscape is an easy way to do that.

I know but try telling that to someone with a Visual Impairment. They could theoretically be challenged under Disabilit Descrimination!


I was pleased with the Z16 default dynamic wallpaper. It transitioned smoothly from dawn to dusk. However, I am a bit disappointed that the new default mountain wallpaper only comes in light and dark versions. Is there a way to revert to the old dynamic wallpaper?


Yes, you can try the following (I did that with the Ubuntu 22 grey Jellyfish):

You start Zorin 16 in Live-Mode on USB, then You copy the Background-Folder with the Zorin Mountain to the Desktop and then on a USB-Stick. You should find the Folder under /usr/share/backgrounds

hanks, but it's not working. I discovered a /usr/share/gnome-background-properties/zorin-os-17-wallpapers.xml file that I need to edit in order to add new wallpapers. It's quite frustrating.

Interestingly, there's already a zorin-mountain-timed.xml file in Z16 that changes with the hours. It's a pity that it was altered from Z16 to Z17.

No, no, no. You don't need to do that. I tried it by my own and You don't need to configure a File. I explain it a little bit more:

You start Zorin 16 on an USB-Stick in the Try-Mode. There You open a Terminal and type:

sudo cp -r /usr/share/backgrounds/zorin-mountain /home/zorin/Desktop/

Then You have the zorin-mountain Folder on the Desktop. Then you open on Z16 Nautilus. There You go on the left side to ''Other Places''. There You choose Your normal System that You use. You click on it and go trought the Folders till You come to Your Desktop. Then You move the zorin-mountain Folder to that Place.

So, now You have the zorin-mountain Folder in Your System. You can shutdown the Z16 Try-Mode and go back to Your normal System. There You should see the zorin-mountain Folder on Your Desktop.

Now comes the important Part: You must move the zorin-mountain Folder to usr/share/backgrounds because the xml-File in the Folder only works with this Path. So, You can move or copy the Folder graphically or You use the Terminal and type (the Command for copy):

sudo cp -r /home/[Your-User-Name]/Desktop/zorin-mountain /usr/share/backgrounds/

Then You should use Gnome Tweaks and change there Your Background Picture. But You must choose the xml-File. And then You have the dynamic Zorin Mountain on Zorin 17. To proof that it works, here a Screenshoot:

Thanks @Ponce-De-Leon ! I could copy the files properly, but I did know gnome-tweaks.
The wallpaper would not apply yesterday. I was about to give up, but it suddenly worked this morning when I tried again.

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UPDATE: Added Pro wallpapers. The original version has been deleted.
The updated version can be found here.

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