Zorin OS 17 Download Fails

I've been attempting to download Zorin OS 17 for several days. It gets to about 1.4GB and then a "Failed - Network error" occurs. I've got a very stable 150+Gb connection, no VPN, no other traffic on the network.

Is there another mirror I could use? This is the Pro version I am attempting to download. It appears there is no mirror choice with the Pro version.

Once it fails (after several resume button clicks) it reports link has expired, so I get the character-building experience of starting over from 0.

Are you using any Download Managers or Extensions?

You can contact Zorin Pro Support and request a new download link from a different server.

This user once had an odd solution:

I've tried the VPN route and it didn't seem to do anything except slow my download rate to a crawl.

You could try different Mirror Servers. I downloaded my Zorin 17 ISO from a Server in Denmark because the Download Performance was better than from a local german Server. And You should try it without VPN. Maybe that works for You.

I am doing similar with a VPN right now. I am in the EU and I was getting a treacle-like download with constant connection fails. I fired up my VPN, switched to a USA connection and the download is flying along, no fails. Half way through the download already.

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