Zorin os 17 installation questions

Hey guys , I have a dell laptop with
Ram : 12 Gbs
Brand new SSD : 240 gbs
Cpu : Intel i3 10 th gen

My question is related to installing zorin os , there is something known as swap memory ( i don't know much about it ) i think it's related to how much memory we give to the os for cache and other performance releted stuff . I wanted to know what things to do during installation and post installation of zorin os 17 for maximizing the performance of that cpu . I know it can't give much but I wnat to push the cpu Ram and os to it's limit but no over clocking , i wanted to code on it ( Android studio , run vms and listen to music ) . Sorry if I am cunfusing but feel free to ask me .


Zorin OS sets swap by default.

And without over-clocking (I do not recommend over-clocking), Zorin OS is optimized to make the best uses of the hardware as possible. I recommend using Zorin OS Lite, not Core.

A lot of folks think that Swap is "free cost RAM".
It really isn't. Swap can prevent a dump or crash, but it will not react with RAM speed during usage. If your computer slows or gets sluggish when running a lot of process, swap will not change that any.
Swap operates by writing to disk treating a portion of the disk as available RAM. It can preserve what would go in the memory buffer - preventing loss - *but it cannot make your HHD or SDD perform faster.

Oh that's great then , sorry i didn't mention one thing above , i used a live zorin os 17 core pendrive , i set all effects on , tried apps , explored new things and that time it didn't slow down or lagged . Atleast better then windows 11 . All things like wifi and Bluetooth worked as expected. Tomorrow my new ssd will arrive. But i have two Questions:
1 : will the performance be the same as it was on live?
2 : is 240 gb and 12 gb ram more then enough for smooth operations ?

Certainly, yes. Those two specs are fine.
It is the clocking speed of your i3 CPU I would focus on and even that is probably also just fine as long as you are above 1.4 GHz.

From what i just checked, my cpu can go upto 3.40 ghz ( MAX )

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You don't need swap for SSD period. Just format system to Ext4 File System.

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I usually keep the SSD unformated or format it to NTFS

Hey guys , zorin os 17.1 installed , has a firmware update though the software app store . Everything is sailing smoothly only the cheese app is not working as intended. Camera light tunrs on , shows the feed from camera and then it repets the same 2 seconds of img again and again in a loop

Have a look at this post re Cheese loop: Two bug-related items (Zorin OS 17 Pro) - #44 by RobinDP

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I am beginning to wonder if this is another Wayland issue. When you select your user name at login a gear cog appears bottom right. Choose Zorin on xorg and see if Cheese still baulks. If still glitching you could try an alternative:

Ok so i installed the flathub version of cheese and it started working as intended.

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So i will close this case , thank you everyone.

I am not a fan of Flatpak or Snap versions of apps and do not use them myself.
Good that you now have working Cheese via Flatpak, but I would hope the issue with the apt version of Cheese on Z17 is sorted out so that can be used and works properly out-of-the-box.

EDIT: Swarf maybe has a point. @COUNTERNAVY11 I don't suppose you tried Cheese under Xorg instead of Wayland (z17 default).

I will mark my post #9 as solution (for now), as it worked.

After installation of os , I tried cheese and that time I faced the issue . Idk why

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