Zorin OS 17 is pure joy!

I have upgraded from 16.3 Pro to 17 Pro and must say I love it. The upgrade worked perfectly and Zorin OS 17 is the best Linux experience ever. Love the new features like Energy Saving on Laptop Computers, advanced sound card features in the task bar etc.
And... you fixed a long problem of mine. Before I could not update flatpaks via WLAN for a long time. Also my favourite Windows game is suddenly working again on Steam. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


I agree with you. I use 4 distributions. My number 1 and 2 distributions are Zorin and Mint's LMDE (Debian) in no particular order. Then there is Pop!_OS and Tuxedo OS. I like Zorin because of the software store - it has Debian/Ubuntu packages, Flatpaks, Snaps and AppImages in one place. Also, the upgrade tool makes it complete. I would like to see Zorin improve how fast they release their OS after the Ubuntu LTS release but I like what they are doing so I am not complaining. :v:



I wonder what the metrics are like where the downloads/installs/visits to the site/upgrades/overall traffic toward Zorin, etc. I'd wager that traffic on the site alone could indicate that Zorin has gotten [way] more popular recently - arguably the best distro out there.

Zorin used to release interim releases like Ubuntu but made the (right) decision to only release versions aligned with Ubuntu LTS releases since Zorin 12 and they then do updates that follow Ubuntu upgrades to the LTS releases, e.g., Zorin 16 based on Ubuntu 20.04 had 3 updates to 16.1, 16.2 and finally, 16.3. Ubuntu LTS releases come out in April of the year of an LTS release, 20.04 (April, 2020) 22.04 (April, 2022).


I fully understand their release cycle. It is their distribution and they mange it the way they see fit. I think many people including myself would like them to be more aligned with the Ubuntu LTS release cycle. For example, Mint releases their Ubuntu version of Mint Cinnamon, MATE, and Xfce within about 3 months after the Ubuntu LTS. Zorin 17 was released about 20 months after the Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. The next Ubuntu 24.04 LTS is in about 2.5 months now and ZOS 17 won’t be upgraded to that version for another 20 months? I understand their philosophy to have a stable system that is well integrated to look uniform and work cohesively. I get what they are doing but many do not and it causes some confusion and angst upon some users seeing a new Ubuntu version but not seeing any update to Zorin until way later. I use Zorin every day and just wish there was an easier way to explain it every time someone asks the question about the next upgrade.

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You have answered your own question - Mint uses Cinnamon as the default desktop environment, and also offer the MATE and xfce offerings - Team Zorin is having to wrestle with Gnome in respect of Core, a heavy beast, especially when it comes to maintaining a familiar Windows-like interface.

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