Zorin OS 17 Performance Mode Settings Missing

Hello everyone, I have situation which may actually be the opposite, but related nonetheless.

After having had to tweak around different kernel versions trying to resolve the issue of my laptop (Asus Vivobook s13, i3, 8gb ram, 512 ssd) not resuming from sleep (another thread in this forum), and trying also to save battery time with TLP and auto-cpufreq, I noticed that after the latest reinstall of kernel 6.5.0-14-22.04 I can no longer see any power mode settings (neither performance, balance nor power-saving). They're simply gone from the screen!!!

Captura desde 2024-04-04 17-19-50

PS. For reference: I ended up uninstalling both TLP and auto-cpufreq as the guys at support said that ZOS17 inbuilt power settings were enough, but what good is it if I can't choose any of them?

Check that the service is enabled:

sudo systemctl enable power-profiles-daemon.service

If it is, please state your Motherboard model. Some ASUS motherboards require the it87 package to be installed. I am only aware of it being available on the Arch User repository at this time...

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