Zorin OS 17 Persistent USB installation Intel RST by-pass

This is going to be a long and tedious process but is the safest & easiest process to have a usb persistent zorin os 17 on any usb stick with usb 3.0

Before i start let me make you aware the installation and running the os would take atleast 32GB disk space.

Prerequisites : rufus, usb 3.0, zorin os 15.3 iso

Installation: burn the iso into usb using rufus, choose seetings as below
GPT, persistent storage : 20+ gb and press start.

After flash is complete
Boot into boot manager using f12...
Boot into linpus lite.
Instalation screen pops up, choose partitions as : 20+gb : / ext2
1gb :swap-area
500mb : efi

After zorin os 15.3 is installed run sudo apt-get update & & upgrade - y

A new application zorin upgrader will appear. Upgrade to 16 then to 17 from the application

And all set. Happy zorin17

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I did that when I first got into Linux using Zorin, Manjaro, and Ubuntu. Sometimes things were slow, most times things ran fast enough. If you have a 3.0/3.1 USB port it should be a good experience.

Good evening,

I try to install Zorin 17.1 on an USB3 Stick on an RST equipped DELL.

However even if the external drive is recognized while "Trying Zorin", the installation is blocked to the screen "RST is detected"

Installing an older release is avoiding this problem ?

Thank you

I have never used an RST equipped PC. It may be that the kernel does not know what to do with RST type storage. Maybe someone else has specifics on that?

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t was the name of that thread "Zorin OS 17 Persistent USB installation Intel RST by-pass"

Gday @cpot ,

Try browsing over this link.


Hope it helps.

Hi, Thank you for your reply. I knew this procedure. My laptop is critical i don't want to take any risk switching to AHCI and risking Windows corruption. However the RST check should not extend to an external drive, therefor the RST warning popup is a false positive. Even weirder i manage in the past to install an Ubuntu 22.04 on an external drive and i did not had this popup.


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Yes this may help, Zorin OS 16.3 or even 15.3 as a test.

I assume this RST pop-up is prior to being able to select the install "Something Else"?

Yes exactly it is prior "Something else" (if i cancel at that stage, and open gparted i see the USB Drive). So it is a regression from previous release if i understand well. Thank you !

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Re-reading the OP, I believe @MJ2412 mean's the by-pass (work around ) is via using the Zorin OS 15.3 first, then once your setup, then "Upgrade" your external Zorin OS to !7.1. via the "Upgrader".

I assume you keep your data backed up, then try with the Zorin OS 15.3 as the first install to your external.

Hope this helps

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I tried another easier option, to install Zorin 17 on another PC without RST. It worked.
However in the DELL boot screen it does not see the USB stick with Zorin. I disable Secure Boot without success. Perhaps the boot partition that should not be EFI

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Yeah you got my point. I installed Zorin 15.3 core first, set it up and then upgrade it to 16.1 then 17.1 its a day long process. Depends on your hardware bypasses intel RST