Zorin OS 17 Persistent USB installation Intel RST by-pass

This is going to be a long and tedious process but is the safest & easiest process to have a usb persistent zorin os 17 on any usb stick with usb 3.0

Before i start let me make you aware the installation and running the os would take atleast 32GB disk space.

Prerequisites : rufus, usb 3.0, zorin os 15.3 iso

Installation: burn the iso into usb using rufus, choose seetings as below
GPT, persistent storage : 20+ gb and press start.

After flash is complete
Boot into boot manager using f12...
Boot into linpus lite.
Instalation screen pops up, choose partitions as : 20+gb : / ext2
1gb :swap-area
500mb : efi

After zorin os 15.3 is installed run sudo apt-get update & & upgrade - y

A new application zorin upgrader will appear. Upgrade to 16 then to 17 from the application

And all set. Happy zorin17

I did that when I first got into Linux using Zorin, Manjaro, and Ubuntu. Sometimes things were slow, most times things ran fast enough. If you have a 3.0/3.1 USB port it should be a good experience.