Zorin Os 17 release

Wonder if xfce will have to change its name to wfce once it adopts Wayland! and Xubuntu will become Wubuntu! (Have you noticed the backward step? X to W! :rofl:


Wubuntu already exists :smile:

Well you learn something new everyday! I've already got that look on my KDE Neon HDD:

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Xfce is an odd duck. Interestingly, in January this year 2023, a point release for MX Linux upgraded to the Xfce desktop to 4.18 from 4.16 with Debian 11. So when the Bookworm Debian 12 released in June 2023 not even 6 months later, the desktop had no changes since it was the same desktop but the packages did upgrade. I suspect the dependencies are not critical with Xfce. I don’t know the inner workings of how that works.


I'm looking forward to 17. I left 16.2 for Mint 21.2 in Sept 23, not because Zorin was bad, but because of it's serious wake from sleep issues disappearing icons from the desktop. Mint is good, but the last major update collapsed the install, and I had to reinstall and recover. The new direct upgrade is a huge carrot to come back, but I need to know my desktop is stable. I've happily paid for 15, 16 and will follow with 17 irrespective of how stable it is, largely because I support their effort, and I highly recommend both Zorin and Mint to Windows migrants. I also promote the permanent move from Windows to mentally compatible Linux variants, and Zorin is in the top two.


Yes! My mistakes with a name they a near "names".
I have installed Mx Linux this never version and i was little dissapointing. Every time i taken some problems.
Someone sayed what administrator then the same linux what he operating.

My two (or 3) favorite distributions; Mint Cinnamon Ubuntu version, Linux Mint Debian Edition, and Zorin OS. Solid and always reliable. I never have to troubleshoot anything to use Linux on my PC with these distributions.

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Mint and Zorin for me. I testing many distributions.
Of course if you want learning linux and get your machine faster then gentoo and lfs with blfs. Of course don't forget correct settings kernel to your preferences. You can also using a some kernels what exist on github lts or rolling.

I really want to like Linux Mint, but every time I tried it I've been disappointed in one way or another. The latest attempt was with the Debian edition and caused an unexpected boot loop after a routine update, forcing me to install from scratch.

For me, I really like OpenSUSE Tumbleweed, Pop!_OS and Debian. For ease of use I recommend ZorinOS or MXLinux, even though in my experience the Gnome desktop environment seems to be the most intuitive to run for non-tech savvy people.

This all linux distributions are the same kernel, the same desktops only package manager could be diffrent. That all.
Mostly all that linux distributions are fork from debian or arch.

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That's only true in theory. In practice, different operating systems may tweak the kernel parameters or even use a different version of the kernel entirely. The same is true for the desktop environment, in terms of version as well as theming and other customization aspects. Therefore we should focus on the out-of-the-box experience, which is paramount.

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I have been using Mint on-and-off for about 4 years but for about the last 18 or so months I have used Mint and Zorin OS the most. I also used Pop!_OS for a year on my desktop and liked it but found I liked Zorin OS better. I have been using LMDE 5, and now LMDE 6, and it has been splendid. I think I prefer LMDE over the Ubuntu version but since I use both, I don’t see that much of a difference from my perspective which is subjective. I really like Kubuntu and Tuxedo OS too with their KDE plasma desktop but the simplicity/elegance of the Cinnamon desktop keeps me on Mint. The only GNOME distribution I have liked so far is Zorin OS with their tweaks and polish. Manjaro’s GNOME is a close second. Ubuntu proper is good too and easy to tweak to look like Zorin and it works great. However, their software center works great one day and stalls another day - I got tired of it being so clunky with Snap updates. The new one is supposed to be better. I don’t dislike Ubuntu but it takes more effort to keep it running. The peace of mind you get from using Mint or Zorin make them for me, the most practical Linux distributions. They are reliable distributions even for Linux veterans. I give Mint and Zorin a 10 out of 10. :v:


I was used Zorin to learning a linux. Then i starting distrohopping. Now I am on LMDE6 with Cinnamon. This is just doing what need.

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My favorite distribution along with Zorin. I think both distributions are developed in Ireland. :+1:

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Yes. I testing macos and watching what that rumor is about this operating system.
For me nothing special for simple user. Propably have special software to rendering video,create audio and cannot gaming.
Linux gived you a choice. That is awesome.

I was living in Ireland almost 2 years, best place to get drunk and go to rock concerts. People are really friendly and social there :crazy_face:

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Ireland creating good movies.

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I've read some of the discussions in the community and the official blog announcement, but I'm still wondering about this.
More and more software is no longer adapted to Ubuntu Focal (e.g. OBS in the latest version of the official repository), and there is also a lot of software that needs to be updated to a version that is not supported by Focal in order to work.
I've been aware of your release strategy, but it's been a couple months since Zorin OS 16.3 was released and I still haven't learned anything more about Zorin OS 17. Please at least let us know that it will be officially released in a few weeks.

This is the Forum. There are only two Devs on the project and it takes time to release a stable version of Zorin as it needs lots of checking. I refer you to this thread:

The unofficial consensus is around this December 1-31. Not sure if OBS is available as a Flatpak but it seems more distributions like Zorin rely on Flatpaks and/or Snaps to have newer software. But, that’s if developers keep those contained applications updated too. So, that is sort of one of the reasons I prefer Mint but I do like Zorin more. Zorin has their own PPAs for popular applications like LibreOffice so you get a newer version every point release despite still being on the Ubuntu 20.04 LTS base. It is what it is. Hopefully in less than 45 days we will get Zorin 17.