Zorin OS 17 upgrade

Will it be able to upgrade from Zorin 16 to Zorin 17 when it releases i hope they do it because it is a hell to do a clean install after another clean install with an USB?

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How many distributions you can update from earlier linux to updated another linux???
That could be good choice.
I don't know which way the developers will going.

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Don't worry the devs had told that you would be able to directly upgrade from 16 to 17 without the need of a reinstall :smile:

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I hope.

Developers can wrote what they want. What we get we will seeing after a get a product.


I saw a operating system Vanilla OS.
The one function there was a containers.
Vanilla OS - Ubuntu, Fedora AND Arch in one Linux distro.
It will be can used on Zorin 17?

The next interesting themes layouts i saw in Tromjaro are free.

There was interesting windows manager switch menu or something.
I hope Zorin 17 also will be better product with innovations in soon next version.

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first time hearing about Tromjaro going to try it and see if it fits me :grinning:

Update: done some research and i stumbled upon this Reddit page

anyways still going to try it how bad it can be?

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