Zorin OS 17 will not install on Parallells VM

have been using zorin 16.3 pro on macbook pro mid 2015 running parallels 17. everything runs great. I got zorin 17 pro and it will not install properly on parallels 17. i did a bunch of experiments...
if fresh install zorin 16.3 core it will install no issues
fresh install zorin 16.3 pro issues when restart infinite loop.
fresh install zorin 16.3 core no issues then upgrade to pro everything good.
fresh install zorin 17 core or pro issues during installation complete reboot. it will go on inifinite cannot read whatever. stop vm and reboot everything seems ok. BUT installing parallel tools errors.
has anyone tried zorin os 17 on parallels ver 17??
btw system is macbook pro mid 2015 with macos monterey and parallels 17. 16GB RAM and 1TB nvme SSD.

Are you isntalling on VM like VirtualBox or a baremetal install?

VM like Parallels version 17. Not bare metal

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i actually stop the zorin 17 VM not the parallels. then i will restart zorin 17 and it will go and boot up properly but when i try and install the parallel tools for linux it will not finish and exit will fatal error. i do not get the issue with zorin 16.3 pro. BUT like i said in earlier post i need to install core and finish installing then only can i upgrade to the pro using the upgrade path and everything works. camera, wifi, printers...shared resources with the host os (macos monterey)

I am sorry, I did not pick up on this. I did not know there was a virtual environment named Parallels.

Several users have reported some issues recently on the fresh release of Zorin OS 17 on Virtual Machines.
Will need to look into this further - sorry to say that I do not have an immediate suggestion or answer for the VM troubles at the moment.

that's ok because it is definitely not a show stopper for me. i actually will use this on baremetal installations for macbooks that have been deemed obsolete and useless by apple. zorin os pro gives me the ability to have desktops that are very similar to mac os that will allow the new users to be comfortable using the computer. this is one of the reasons i do support the zorin os dev group..

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@Aravisian, Parallels Desktop is a VMware and Virtualbox alternative for macOS and ChromeOS.

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