Zorin OS 17 will not install on Parallells VM

have been using zorin 16.3 pro on macbook pro mid 2015 running parallels 17. everything runs great. I got zorin 17 pro and it will not install properly on parallels 17. i did a bunch of experiments...
if fresh install zorin 16.3 core it will install no issues
fresh install zorin 16.3 pro issues when restart infinite loop.
fresh install zorin 16.3 core no issues then upgrade to pro everything good.
fresh install zorin 17 core or pro issues during installation complete reboot. it will go on inifinite cannot read whatever. stop vm and reboot everything seems ok. BUT installing parallel tools errors.
has anyone tried zorin os 17 on parallels ver 17??
btw system is macbook pro mid 2015 with macos monterey and parallels 17. 16GB RAM and 1TB nvme SSD.