Zorin OS 17

Is it announced when Zorin OS 17 will be released?

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Zorin OS 16 was just released two months ago. You can expect about two years before the next Major version of Zorin OS. The devs have just released lite. I believe they will be working on an upgrade feature before tackling the endeavor of the next release and it's features.


I do understand his question. Zorin OS 16 is based on Ubuntu 20.04 (april 2020). I think Ubuntu is now working on their newer LTS release that will be released in (april 2022). Zorin 16 got released one and half year later, which means using older packages compared to the newer LTS release ubuntu is coming with.

People forget that Zorin is made by 2 people only and it takes alot of time to get things ready.


Not just that... But that Zorin OS is built around Stability.
The current trend in thinking is; I only want the newest stuff. That software is two months old! It's ancient!"
This trend is a catch-22, as should Zorin OS try to plug in all the latest and greatest, those same users will then complain that it is unstable.


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