Zorin OS and Intel Alder Lake

Hi, I've just recently learned of this amazing OS! However, I wish to know if Zorin OS 16 fully utilize or will soon fully utilize all of Intel's upcoming Alder Lake 12th Gen CPU features.

I think the next major kernal version supports Alderlake, isn't it the 5.13 kernel? I think the 5.11 kernel only supports up to 11th gen but I could be wrong. You might have to wait for a month IDK. Hopefully someone else will chime in here.

Thanks for chiming in, StarTreker :slight_smile:
I'll stay tuned for anyone else's chime in!

I just now found time to look it up for you, I shall dispatch the evidence with great dispatch! :grin:


This confirms what I thought I knew, the Linux kernel 5.13 will support 12th gen Alderlake CPU's. So, this means, until Zorin OS gets upgraded to use the 5.13 kernel, the 12th gen will not have official support under kernel 5.11.38.

Again, we get kernel updates often. This month alone we had what two or 3 of them? So you never know, Zorin OS may officially be under Linux kernel 5.13 in a month from now, or two.

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Any one has idea of DDR5 usage ????? and how will it impact...

StarTreker's same posted link to article mentions DDR5.

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Although this spec sheet begs a new question: Does Zorin OS 16 get Linux Kernel updates? Or do we need to wait until Zorin OS 17 comes out?

We've been getting kernel updates actively for months now on Zorin OS 16, just since its release. Trust me, this OS is updated all the time. And unlike Windows that give you no choice to update, and makes you loose a 2000 word essay you might be typing up just to restart the computer after an update.

Zorin OS gives you the choice, when you want to update, when or if you want and or need to restart. With Linux, you have teh choice, its up to you. And there is no better way then that.


Okay cool. Glad to hear Linux-based OSes update that flexibly. Thanks!

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