Zorin OS Battery drain so fast on Asus Vivobook X512F plz Fix it

As a time i used Pear OS & POP OS when zorin os there Battery end so fast.so plz fix it .As Well As all Linux used Gnome Last version but zoin used Old gnome Make Sure your gnome last update battery life end so fast after install zorin os.

Note : If I Move Other OS it works Normal. but zorin Laptop Battery life end So fast. So plz Battery Life Fast end Problem solved as soon as possible.

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I don't know if you used Pop! OS 20.04 LTS or Pop! OS 21.04 or Pop! OS 21.10. I Do know Pop! OS 21.10 uses 5.15.8 kernel and Pop! OS 21.04 uses 5.13.x? Zorin 16 is based on Ubuntu 20.04 and uses kernel 5.11.0-43. I don't know what kernel Pear OS is using, but it might be kernel related.

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Edited title. Changed "Charging End" to "Battery drain" to clarify.

Have you calibrated the battery meter in ZorinOS by doing a few Full charge and Full discharge cycles.


i do it man but not be ok.... fast charge end... i think and i hopeful Zorin OS Team fixed on Zorin OS 17 . as well as zorin Pre-install Unnecessary App. i Highly Recommend Plz removed Unnecessary App...All the people not from Graphics/Media Background. So people Comes From Others Site. They will pay for better service and Lite OS.. But zorin Just Modify And Some Pre install Software.

May be

I think because English is not the OP's first language he was trying to convey when he was running Pear OS he had good battery usage - Pear OS has been non-existent for a number of years now as suspected that Apple close the OS down but the programmers parting message (David Tavares) was that he had sold his OS to a corporation who were going to develop it. More like Apple buried it or we would have heard something by now.

Strange, if i google for pear os it seems it is still active.

But the website looks shady to me, i dont trust it at all



Hi Michel,

I've downloaded 3 isos and just looked at the Catalina one in Virt-Manager - certainly not as polished as the original. I am pretty sure that David Tavares used the same basis as Zorin, Gnome - all that the 18 year old has done is themed KDE for his version. However I am glad this discussion came up as I always wanted to give the last iteration of Pear OS a try, 9.3 which I have managed to obtain after delving into the Net! :wink:

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Where can I get it?? Link will help

I have since found out that the guy behind these linux mac OS wannabes is an avid Trump supporter - if you still want it I will send off list - I did find an obscure link to Pear OS but it will not work properly as lot of apps out of date. Tried it in Virt Manager (Pear OS 9 which was in fact an updated version of 8 as once installed it said it was Pear 8 - the other one as I said is written by a Trump supporter - if you want that one I will supply by PM but not on this forum.

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