Zorin os blackscreens/sleeps when i close my computer screen

on my laptop, upon closing the lid and opening it, the computer screen goes black, i know the system is still powered on as the power button is blue and the screen is actually projecting a black background, but i can't do anything to get to the login screen or desktop . I mean, is it locked to a certain key or sm ? I have already tried turning off screen timeout by setting it to never, however this has stopped working.

Can you launch terminal and run

sudo nano /etc/systemd/logind.conf

Arrow key down to the line
Change this in both of two ways: remove the hashtag # and change suspend to ignore:
Tap ctl+o to overwrite, then tap enter to save current configuration. Tap ctl+x to exit the editor.

Reboot... and test. Please relay the results.

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yup, this worked perfectly, cheers!

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