Zorin OS Core 16.2 Cannot Detect My Laptop Webcam

Hi, I'm new to all this, so please bear with me.

I just installed Zorin OS Core 16.2 in a used laptop I purchased recently, I'm using Zorin OS in a VIrtual Machine with Oracle VM Virtualbox. My laptop is a Dell Latitude 7490, core i7, 16GB RAM, if that helps.

When I go to Cheese and try to use my webcam, it says no device found. I tried connecting an external webcam, same thing.

Any ideas? Thanks

Is this a plug n' play webcam or an integrated webcam?

Integrated webcam can sometimes need permissions adjusted, to place it in the root group, then assign it read/write not exec permissions.

Some machines contain webcam controls in BIOS Settings and toggling it off, then back on in BIOS can cause it to then be detected int he OS.

Looking on the web:
You are not alone in this, though the page I found offers no solutions:

Given that you are running in virtual environment, however, permissions is definitely where I would start.

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Sorry I reply a week later, I've been busy these days. So, any suggestions about these permissions you mention? Do I have to go to the terminal and type some commands? If so, which commands?

sudo usermod -a -G vboxusers $(whoami)

Log out, then log in and check that it is added.


If it is not a permissions issue after-all, please try:

sudo apt install virtualbox-guest-additions-iso virtualbox-ext-pack

Then, go to Settings > USB
select USB 2.0 (EHCI) controller
Navigate to Add new filters and see if your webcam device is shown in the list.

Or check:

VBoxManage list webcams

Yet another thing to check:
On the Menubar, click Menu Devices -> Webcams -> check integrated camera.

Further reading:

I ran all those commands and then this one

VBoxManage list webcams
Video Input Devices: 0

You may check over here:

I avoid Virtualbox as often as I can. Other forum members may be able to be more helpful than I.
But checking the official Virtualbox help forum may produce more knowledgeable results.

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