ZORIN OS distro not included in MEGA app

Hello, I wanted to download this app MEGA Desktop App - MEGA but Zorin OS is not listed in the Linux distro :frowning:

I also tried checking the ZORIN software store but MEGA is not available for download there too.

Is there a way to download the desktop app?


Click Penguin for Linux installer :penguin:.
Select Ubuntu 18.04 (for Zorin 15.3) or Ubuntu 20.04 (for Zorin 16 beta).
Highly recommend to download and install file manager integration (select Nautilus).


Ok, I tried to download already with Ubuntu 18.04. I see a prompt asking me to open with Archive Manager, Software Install, and Install Linux Application. Which is the correct one? Sorry I am so new to Linux

I usually use Software Install. Install Linux app should also work.

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Did you manage to make it work?
If so, you could tick :white_check_mark: solution in the relevant message. It would make the thread easy to be found by the future visitors.

Yes thank you :slight_smile:

@iberian_princess. You appear to have ticked the last post by @FrenchPress as the "Solution" by mistake. I am guessing the actual "Solution" that should have been ticked was post #2, which I have moved the tick on your behalf. That way people reading this thread in the future will see the correct answer. If that is wrong, you can tick the post that actually helped you.

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