Zorin-os-docs : Goes into conflict with: ubuntu-docs

I'm trying to upgrade from dist 20.04 to dist 22.04 but after that I type the following lines in the terminal

sudo apt update -y && sudo apt upgrade -y

I obtain

I seguenti pacchetti hanno dipendenze non soddisfatte:
zorin-os-docs : Va in conflitto: ubuntu-docs ma la versione 20.04.3 sta per essere installata
E: Pacchetti danneggiati

that in English translates like

the following packages have dependencies that are not satisfied
zorin-os-docs : Goes into conflict with: ubuntu-docs but version 20.04.3 is about to be installed
E: damaged packages

what can I do?
I already tried update, upgrade, autoremove for example

Thank You!

Open terminal and write

sudo apt --fix-missing update

Then write

sudo apt update

Then write

sudo apt install -f

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If above does not work you can also try this

Open terminal and write

sudo dpkg --configure -a

Next write

sudo dpkg -l | grep ^..r

Next write

sudo dpkg --remove --force-remove-reinstreq

Next write

sudo apt clean

Next write

sudo apt update

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I'm a little confused. You are attempting to update the Ubuntu base that zorin is created on? This makes no sense to me.

Zorin 16 may be based on Ubuntu 20, but does not follow the update schedule of Ubuntu. Zorin is a customized distribution, with the 16.2 update, already surpassing Ubuntu 22. Why would you feel the need to convert zorin to Ubuntu (which is essentially what you're doing), which never goes well.

You don't need to upgrade the distribution of Ubuntu zorin is based... this os already does this by the devs updates.

You can verify what i say by checking and comparing zorin and Ubuntu kernel versions (if that doesn't convince you, verify library and application versions).

This is not a recommended practice. Do a little research and you will find you are using the latest and greatest in comparison to Ubuntu.


You could wait until Zorin 17 comes out, which is around mid-2023. It will be based on 22.04.
You could also switch to Ubuntu 22.04.

Thank you, this clarifies to me what is happening.
I must say that I was using the parents' computer, where I installed Zorin, and it appeared by itself a pop-up window that was suggesting an upgrade to distribution 22.04. I'll screenshot the pop-up window when it appears again.

There are Many Topics on this on the forum:
There currently is no Direct Upgrade Feature on Zorin OS and the popup you got states "Ubuntu."

I can certainly see how this is confusing. However, Zorin OS has that feature turned off by default.

Others, (quite a few) have also noted that they began getting those popups - and they did not go in and change the defaults in the Zorin Files. Many did not even know how to do that.
Since I do know how, it was easy for me to determine that they have been honest about this.

So... Something out there... an application... a script... a customizer program... Something is available out there that changes that default for the user without their knowledge.
I have not yet figured out what it is... many people do not remember what all they installed or tried out or tested over time...
I have confirmed with the ZorinGroup directly, however, that the Ubuntu Dist-Upgrade feature is strictly disabled by default from Zorin - and cannot be mistakenly enabled during Zorin OS .iso download or installation.

I really wish we could narrow down what is out there that is doing this.
It is possible that it it a canonical package that comes through with the other system updates.

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