Zorin OS does boot in to Blackscreen after reboot

My Laptop with Zorin OS went to sleep because of low Battery. After conecting my Charger and Booting up my Device i land on the Bootmenu.i selected boot Zorin OS and it went to the normal Bootanimation. After that i went to a Terminal. I tried recovery mode too.

At this screen, please type exit and hit the enter key, then relay the response the terminal gives here.

This message comes

Did you previously set up Hibernate?

Yes in the Setting i turned it on

This looks like the UUID set in grub for Hibernate is incorrect.
Also, does your swap have about Double your physical RAM?

Uhm im not sure. i left everything else on Default.

Are you booting Legacy or EFI?

On your UUID - Let's try to find out.
Are you able to enter Recovery Mode?
From the boot Motherboard splash screen, start tapping the esc key if using EFI boot. (For Legacy, hold down left shift key. Note, if booting from legacy - this can sometimes effect the drive not being seen. But I think that should only be checked later...)
You should see the Grub menu you took a screenshot of above.
Select Zorin 5.13... (recovery Mode)
In the Recovery Menu,
arrow key down to Drop to Root Prompt
Tap enter
Type in


Look for your Swap partition UUID (the Swap partition you created when you set up Hibernate)
Note the UUID (take a photo of your screen with your camera if you need)
In terminal, run

sudo nano /etc/default/grub

Arrow key to the line GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT= and check if your resume UUID is the same as the one you got with the blkid command above.

Hi sorry for the late reply. There is no prompt for "drop to root" when i select zorin os recovery mode it instantly throws me here.

And when i press escape on boot this screen comes up

That error mentions switching from RAID to AHCI. Might be worth trying...
In the meantime, how do you feel about reinstalling the OS? IS your personal data backed up?

It still looks like an fstab error to me, though. Not hopeless.

I am unsure why you are not seeing the Prompt option in the Recovery Menu... It should be the last option on the list.
It may be a communication error on my part: I do not actually see that menu very often to remember the Wording...

Im gonna try switching from Raid to AHCI

Sadly i did not Backup my Files but if i dont find amy solutions my Final Answer will be reinstalling the os. But itwould be sad to lose my Data.

In the menu all i see is this

When you hit enter on that highlighted option in your screenshot, what screen appears next?

This one

oh, I see...
In that case, can you try the steps outlined fully here:

I have already problems with the first two steps. "df -h" is an invalid option and "blkid" just nothing happens

Hmmm... df -h is a valid option...

I dont know what to do seems like i have to reinstall the OS. I have just 2 last Questions.

  1. Can i recover my Files when i boot from a Usb Stick.

2.How can i prevent this from Happening again. (Deactivate Hibernation, Dont let Power go below 5%)

Yes ,
just copy all your files to a separate drive

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