Zorin OS hangs at boot screen after messup with trying to reduce swap space

On my thinlpad T440p, i am running out of disk space, and earlier, I set up swap to be 16G (because I had 16G Ram and erroneously thought it would help).
I tried to reduce it to 8G. I followed some instructions from StackOverflow - and was able to turn swapoff.
the next command did not work, and also the swapon also failed.

I thought a restart would reset the problem but then it now hangs.

How do I retrieve myself from this problem?


More information really is needed... There are many possibilities depending on if you gave any commands that changed partitions - and if you changed a partition while it was mounted.

You can find and review the exact commands youi used by launching terminal and typing


then go through and find the commands you used. If you recall the date well enough, you can insert a date replacing the symbols here:



I think it is necessary to draw attention to the myth of swap. In Zorin OS, swap settings can be left at the default in most cases.

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thank you friends; unfortunately i messed up something with the live cd and wiped out the data...
i will need to rebuild...

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I would like to ask why You set up 16GB for Swap when You have 16GB of RAM?