Zorin OS hangs in the installer and doesn't show partitions.

If you install beta it will update to full. I've had 16 since alpha and never reinstalled for beta. Upgrade from 15.3, which is what i believe OP is using, would have to be a fresh install as of now.

Good guys, I read every comment with love :slight_smile:

I apologize for making you wasted your time with me, I've been trying to install linux again for months.

Well, I tried to install Zorin OS 15.3, I hadn't thought of installing the latest version before! Thanks I'll try, anything I'll tell you!<3


It is not a waste of time to find all the ways that don't work... each one is a step closer to the way that does work and may help someone with a similar issue. Please don't think you wasted our time. We volunteer our time freely because we believe in this OS and we enjoy helping others. You are welcome to ask for help any time, whether we are able to is another matter, but we'll try. Maybe in the future you to will find the joy of helping someone solve an issue... maybe not (it's not everyone's thing). Either way its what we enjoy doing.

Please let us know if 16 works for you or if you have issue with that as well, though some of these tips may solve any issue that arises.

Thanks for being a part of our community.


I thought so but it is not the case.
Clean install is required for the final version of Zorin16.

Ok, besides FrenchPress... Show of hands. Who is really going to reinstall Zorin OS 16 over Zorin OS 16 Beta when it is released?


I for one.
You just gave us a great tutorial how to keep all the info needed for reinstallation :wink:

I installed Y PPA manager and I must admit, I really like it.
It's got more functionality than the Software & Updates does. It can search for PPA's (I even found my own) and packages. It can back up your PPA list.
Granted... I can (and) do all that from terminal... But as a GUI tool, it is quite simple, yet advanced and simple to use.
I'd recommend it.

I am debating whether to do a wipe and reload. So far, Z16 Beta is running so well, I do not really see the point.
The reinstall of Z16 may be due to us Forum Members jumping the ZorinGroups case, resulting in an Early release Alpha and Beta to get our pitchforks put away.
Hopefully, I have paid some of that back by contributing to the forum slightly by now.

EDIT: Wait... What the...? We are Way Off Topic.

I just see that.
The original post was about installation problem :frowning:
Do you want to split the thread?
(Again I cannot do it myself).

Gonna change your ID from FrenchPress to MasterDistractor.


Thanks for everyone who participated in this post. :slight_smile:

Well, I have doubts.

  1. How can I update 15.3 to 16?

  2. (Nobody cares lol) What is the best Linux GUI/Interface?

I'm looking for one without too many details, updated.

Not possible at current. There will be in the future possibilities to do so.

(Nobody cares lol) What is the best Linux GUI/Interface?

You'll get as many different answers equals to the number of DEs/VMs.


  1. Does anyone know a linux distro that has 100% support for nvme ssd?

  2. Deepin is lightweight?

Since Zorin offers two desktops (Gnome and XFCE) only, I will tell you my opinion for those.

Light weight and highly customizable.

Heavier than XFCE but comes with more eye candies without customization.

If the machine is old/slow, XFCE (Zorin Lite) is more suitable.
If the machine is new/fast, then either Gnome or XFCE will do. It depends on how much customization one wishes to do.

From my personal experience, the answer is NO.

If you are OK with non Debian based OS, there are of course much choices.

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To be honest, I'm thinking about testing Manjaro for having packages always up to date, without bloatware.

Manjaro + Deepin = Perfect?

I doubt very much if many people here can answer that question. Deepin is never a part of Zorin.

I tested Manjaro years ago myself and determined that Arch based distro is not for me.

I think you would have a better chance to get an answer in Manjaro forum.

Yes yes. Too bad I can only use linux per virtual machine :frowning:

I really wanted some linux distro that supported nvme

According to this article, nvme is supported in Ubuntu 19.04 and up.

Since Zorin 16 is based on Ubuntu 20.04, you might have a better luck with it (if you have not tried it yet).

So if almost all distros have nvme support.

So what's the problem with my Linux machine?

It depends on the version of Linux kernel each distro is using. Some distro is still using LTS 4 series.

I think you will find a better chance to go for the distro which uses the latest kernel. In that context, Manjaro could save your day.

I suspect the kernel is too old for your newer hardware.

Kubuntu 21.04: 5.11.0-22-generic
ZorinOS (Core) 15.3: 5.4.0-47-generic
Manjaro (Deepin) 21.0.7: 5.10.42-1-MANJARO

And now..? :frowning: