Zorin OS - I enjoy it

I'm very new to Zorin OS and just have used it for about a week. I have bought a Mini-PC so it can stay connected next to my monitor. Usually, I work at home with my company laptop and Windows 10. I wanted to have a Mini-PC so I don't have to unplug my company laptop and switch it with my private one every evening.

On my Mini PC I had Windows 10 pre-installed but I formatted it enterly and only installed Zorin OS Pro on it. I have little experience with Linux. I used to install Linux Mint on old laptops. Zorin OS is very new to me. I saw it in couple of tech news described as the most beautiful OS. Since then I have watched couple of YouTube videos and quite liked the design of the OS.

The installation went quite smooth. I like that all important software is already pre-installed. Additionally, I have installed the Vivaldi browser, which I'm using on Windows for quite a while. It was a pitty that it is not available in the Software Center. When trying to install it over their website I was a little bit confused on which version to choose - Linux DEB or RPM? I have picked DEB (I think) and it worked.

I have also installed Steam over the Software Center. It's good to see that there are couple of games that also run on Linux. I play the Tabletop simulator quite often.

Also my external USB-webcam worked without having to install any drivers. My WiFi HP printer was also installed easily. I'm quite surprized how easy it is to use Linux for now.

As an alternative to the Greenshot (screenshotting tool for Windows) I have installed Shutter. Since it was not avaiable in the Software Center and there was no "click here to install" package (at least I did not find it) I had to use the terminal. It was also not difficult. However, I must say that I have some experience with computers. I could imagine that a new users, who is just used to Windows might have more reservations for using the terminal, although it is actually quite easy to use it.

One optimization for me would be also if I could unlock the lock screen just with a small PIN like I'm used to in Windows. I'm fine with entering a long complicated password for the installation of Software. But for unlocking the screen I would prefer a small PIN. It would be great to have that option. I was not able to change my password into a digit PIN. It asked me to use letters as well.

That's it so far :slight_smile:


Always choose .deb.
.rpm is for a different package manager than Zorin uses.
However, you can convert .rpm packages to .deb packages using alien. It's quite easy...
Alien is a CLI app only.

sudo apt install alien

Once installed, it is ready. When you need to convert an .rpm package, open a terminal within the directory that contains the package and run

sudo alien Package-name.rpm package-name.deb

Replace "Package-name" with the actual package name of the file.


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