Zorin OS installation hangs at copying files

Specifically it gives a Buffer I/O error on dev sda2. It still says it's copying files but nothing is happening. How can I fix this?

Error specifically:
Buffer I/O error on dev sda2, logical block 1/3/1048578 (the error happened three times), lost async page write

I just checked the laptop and the entire OS is frozen. The cursor is still there but the screen is frozen... It could be doing things in the background so I'll wait a bit and check back in.

This means that your drive has bad blocks and may possibly be failing.
On linux you can run fsck or on Windows you can run chkdsk to try to isolate bad sectors.

During installation, ensure that you have set to format to ext4 journaling file system.

I've already formatted the drive and the chkdsk I ran before trying to install didn't tell me about any bad sectors. I didn't mess with any options and just let Zorin wipe my drive and set the file system to ext4. The system is frozen but the cursor is fine so I'm not sure what happened

This can happen. I would check the disk again.

Can I do this with the Zorin os trial system from my usb? I don't have any other USB drives with Ubuntu/windows/etc. on them to check and I can't take the drive out of my laptop. Is force rebooting the system ok, and won't harm my drive?

Yep, I will post a guide- This is for Ubuntu, but the steps are generally the same.

I ran this command and it didn't find anything wrong with my disk. I filled the usb boot medium with zeroes and flashed the iso on it one last time, and completely randomly tried not connecting the internet during the install... and it worked!

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Great.. probably you don't have stable internet connection :slight_smile:

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