Zorin OS installation on projector

I am wondering if Zorin earlier version could be implemented in projectors what is inside some projectors.

Can you explain this a bit to me?

Yes. I saw now in technology projectors now is linux operating system exist.
The operating system what I found is: SMART TV LINUX 4.19 also exist in big tv inch.
In the Industry projectors Texas Instruments going forward with four type chips what are on all world
Here is link example. I little study projectors and they are near a build pc.
Motherboard,chip processor, circle a colour and led light. Here is example under

Also I am wondering if I can implement here some motherboard with processor with Zorin OS

That's cool :smirk: I would absolutely be trying to get Kodi to work on it hahaha I've seen many Linux and Android media boxes online - kinda like that OS / firmware. It'd have to be rather specific though; size, kernel, etc..

That's awesome though! Good find :+1: I'm all about installing Linux on whatever I can :sunglasses:

I am starting little interesting this because it is popular and technology propably go forward. I saw a good example projector with low cost DIY what LG is cost 2000$ the same project.
Here is guide https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YfvTjQ9MCwY

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The solution is Benq HT2150ST

Like a new.
Japanese people are very precise, kind and respect a "things".

That how it looks

I need buying a screen projector grey and put projector on correct place, because i have trapes.
Yesterday I watching a movie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NuhOIlSEg-g
Must sayed I was very relaxed on sofa.

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11 ms for gaming is very good.
I must sayed a colours are more life from tv lcd or qled, oled.

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